Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr
in Schleswig-Holstein

FÖJ for People from Abroad

Guests from foreign countries are very welcome to take part at the FÖJ Schleswig-Holstein

Requirements for Participation

The offer is available for all young people who have fulfilled their compulsory school attendance and are not yet 26 years old, when the voluntary year is starting.

Application is possible for all interested young people from Germany or other countries.

It is necessary to obtain a one-year-visa for Germany.

Further Requirements:

  1. Advanced knowledge of the German language
  2. Application in German language
  3. Proven ecological interest and commitment
  4. The willingness to get involved in the German culture and to integrate in the local community
  5. The willingness to contribute actively and sensitive to the activities of the host country
  6. A written agreement that you will take part in the FÖJ for 1 year
  7. Working 39 hours per week in one hosting project (Einsatzstelle).
  8. The participation at least at 25 FÖJ seminar days
  9. Willingness to represent your country and to support further partnership relations also after the voluntary service

You will receive following Benefits

  1. Pocket money, food and accommodations allowance of about 400 Euro per month. With this money you have to pay all the costs for your live (food, rent, clothes, travelling, telefone…)
  2. Fully social insurance, including health insurance
  3. 26 days holidays
  4. Working clothes and tools, if necessary
  5. A 25% discount card for trains: „BahnCard 25“
  6. Attendance free seminars with fully paid food and accommodation
  7. The costs for train journeys to the seminars and back to your hosting project
  8. Technical and personal guidance and support at the hosting project

Please notice that foreign participants do not receive additional benefits. You have to pay yourself all costs for your journey from home to Schleswig-Holstein and back and the costs for your visa.