Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr
in Schleswig-Holstein

FÖJ – What’s that?

FÖJ is the short form for “Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr – Voluntary Ecological Year” and it is an educational year that offers young people the possibility to get active in environmental protection, nature conservation and one-world activities.

Furthermore the FÖJ is a good opportunity to find or confirm ideas of the own career.

A lot of different hosting projects (Einsatzstellen) spread all over the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and with a lot different focus points offer the possibility to young people to make new experiences and to get in touch with various environmental topics like environmental education, “Global Learning”, landscape conservation, agriculture and so on.

The offered activities serve the maintenance of the common life basis and enable you to think over your own ideas and to get new experiences.

The offer is available for all young people who have fulfilled their compulsory school attendance and are not yet 26 years old, when the voluntary year starts.

In Schleswig-Holstein the FÖJ starts at the 1st of August and is ending 31st of July. During this time volunteers will be active and working in one of more than 110 environmental projects.

In five seminars, distributed over the year, you will meet FÖJ-participants from the other projects. You will plan at least one seminar yourself together in a team with other volunteers and supported by a pedagogical team. The seminars will deal with various environmental topics, such as mobility, consume, climate, energy, diversity of species and culture …